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2.0 PRO® vs. LeafFilter

LeafFilter was the first micromesh gutter guard developed in 2001. While it was a revolutionary product at the time, its shortcomings have come to light. For this reason, many homeowners are on the hunt for a new solution to keeping their gutters clean and free of clogs. That’s where 2.0 PRO® comes in.


At first glance, the 2.0 PRO® and LeafFilter may appear similar because they both have a micromesh filter on top, but the quality and performance of the two products are very different. Therefore, when deciding between 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafFilter, you must take these factors into account. Below, we give you a breakdown of the differences between these two products.


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Made from plastic that expands and contracts

When reading reviews, one of the most common LeafFilter complaints you will see is that the plastic frame has warped. This happens because of the expansion and contraction that occurs with plastic materials in hot and cold temperatures. Not only does this cause an unsightly mess, but it also causes your LeafFilter gutter protection system to lose much of its performance.

If you want a more durable and permanent solution, 2.0 PRO® is the gutter guard you need. Our gutter protection system is made with aircraft-quality extruded aluminum, so it will not warp, bend, or need replacement like systems made with a thin metal, vinyl, or UPVC would. You can simply have peace of mind that your system will hold up no matter what’s thrown at it.

Laef Filter Gutter Protectoin Warps.png
Leaf Filter Leaf Guard isn't installed at a significant enough angle_edited.png

Flat design collects debris

Because LeafFilter is designed to sit relatively flat in the gutter, it acts like a shelf and causes debris to collect on the top of the filter. Over time, this buildup clogs your gutter system and forces runoff to slide down the side of your house, endangering its structural integrity and creating a swamp out of your yard. Of course, you could minimize the issues this buildup creates by regularly cleaning the system, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a gutter protection system?

Instead of joining the hundreds of homeowners with LeafFilter complaints, choose the superior gutter guard system: 2.0 PRO®. Our gutter guards are installed at an angle to prevent a buildup of leaves, pine needles, and other debris. This angled installation ensures your gutters remain self-cleaning for life. All it takes to clear debris from your gutters is wind at 10-15 mph. So, when considering whether to choose 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafFilter, just think about the installation process, and the answer becomes clear.

Screen separation complications

Screen separation can occur because of the combination of the plastic frame and the stainless steel mesh. Because both of these materials expand and contract at different rates, this can cause the screen to detach from the plastic underbody over time, allowing debris to enter and clog your gutters.

When comparing 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafFilter, you will notice that our gutter protection system is made with more durable and compatible materials. Our aircraft-grade aluminum frame and stainless-steel mesh hold up against hot and cold temperatures and do not rust, corrode, warp, or break down. You will not have to worry about screen separation issues like you would with LeafFilter gutter guards.

LeafFilter Gutter Guards Screen Seperation _ Gutter Guard Experts.png
LeafFilter Water Overshoot _ Gutter Guard Experts_edited.jpg

Water overshoots in heavy rain

Because debris tends to collect on top of the LeafFilter gutter protection system, it reduces the amount of the filter surface area needed to capture water in a heavy downpour. Additionally, the size and construction of the mesh used on the LeafFilter cause rain to slide right over the mesh and run down the side of your house, completely eliminating the purpose of a gutter system.

Unlike LeafFilter gutter guards, 2.0 PRO® features a Triple-Rib™ design, which slows down water as it hits the screen. This design ensures water actually falls into your gutters and is directed away from your home’s foundation. When comparing 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafFilter, it’s clear which one will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Snow and ice buildup issues

One of the most common LeafFilter problems for homeowners in colder climates is ice buildup. Once these guards freeze over, water melts off the sides of the gutters and re-freezes on driveways and sidewalks, creating dangerous situations.

With 2.0 PRO HEAT™ from Gutter Guard Experts, you don’t have to worry about ice dams or the weight of snow and ice pulling your gutters away from your roofing system. This sophisticated system prevents snow from freezing on top of your gutter guard system, keeping your home and property safe. You can have this system installed during your initial installation or retrofitted at a later date.

LeafFilter Iced Over.heic
No Lifetime Warranty.png

No Lifetime Warranty on materials or workmanship

LeafFilter is only backed with a no-clog warranty that offers coverage if the interior of your gutter system clogs. It does not provide customers with a lifetime warranty on the materials or workmanship. 2.0 PRO®, on the other hand, comes with a Triple Lifetime Warranty, giving you peace of mind for the lifespan of your gutter protection system.

2.0 PRO®’s Superior Advantages

No one has the time to effectively clean their gutters two times a year (or more!). Plus, you shouldn’t have to risk your safety and well-being by climbing a ladder to keep your gutter system looking pristine. That’s where our patented gutter protection system comes in.

No other gutter guard can compare to 2.0 PRO®. While LeafFilter’s mesh screen is similar, homeowners will quickly find it falls short. With our gutter guards, you can enjoy:

  • A permanent solution for gutter cleaning

  • Durable micromesh screens that keep out the smallest of debris (including pine needles and shingle sand)

  • A system that can withstand the heaviest downpour

  • An expertly installed system that self-cleans

  • Peace of mind that snow and ice will not harm your gutter system

  • A Triple Lifetime Warranty

2.0 PRO Gutter Guard _ Gutter Guard Experts.png

Choose 2.0 PRO® for a Lifetime of Peace

2.0 PRO is simply the best gutter guard available today. From our heavy-duty aluminum frame and angled installation to our proven 6-step installation process and Triple Lifetime Warranty, it’s easy to see why homeowners choose 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafFilter to protect their gutters and their homes. To learn more about our gutter guard system or to start the installation process, contact our specialists today!

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