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LeafFilter was the first micro-mesh gutter guard developed in 2001. While it was a revolutionary product at the time, time has shown that there are some shortcomings to its design. At first glance the 2.0 PRO® and LeafFilter may appear similar because they both have a micro-mesh filter on top, but the quality and performance of the two products are very different. 


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Made from plastic that expands and contracts.

One of the most common complaints you will read in LeafFilter reviews is that the plastic frame has warped. This happens because of the expansion and contraction that occurs with plastic materials in hot and cold temperatures causing it to lose much of its performance.

Laef Filter Gutter Protectoin Warps.png
Leaf Filter Leaf Guard isn't installed at a significant enough angle_edited.png

Flat design collects debris.

Because LeafFilter is designed to sit relatively flat in the gutter, it acts like a shelf and causes debris collect on the top of the filter, requiring maintenance to keep it clean. 

Screen Separation

Screen separation can occur because of the combination of the plastic and the stainless steel mesh. Because both of these materials expand and contract at different rates, this can cause the screen to detach from the plastic underbody over time allowing debris to enter and clog your gutters.

LeafFilter Gutter Guards Screen Seperation _ Gutter Guard Experts.png
LeafFilter Water Overshoot _ Gutter Guard Experts_edited.jpg

Water overshoots in heavy rain

Because debris has a tendency to collect on top of the gutter guard, it reduces the amount of the filter surface area needed to capture water in a heavy downpour.

No Lifetime Warranty on materials or workmanship.

LeafFilter is only backed with a no-clog warranty that covers if the interior of your gutter system clogs, but has no lifetime warranty on the materials or workmanship.

No Lifetime Warranty.png

2.0 PRO®: There is no comparison

2.0 PRO is simply the best gutter guard available today. From our heavy-duty aluminum frame and angled installation to our proven 6 step installation process and Triple Lifetime Warranty, it's easy to see why homeowners choose 2.0 PRO to protect their gutters and their homes.

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