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Compare Gutter Protection Products to Find the Perfect One for Your Home

Gutters often remain “out of sight, out of mind” until rainwater begins pouring down the side of the house in sheets. At this point, most homeowners realize they need to make a change. While they could pull out the ladder and manually clear the debris from their gutters, this task could lead to some dangerous situations. Luckily, there’s an alternative solution available. A gutter guard system minimizes the amount of maintenance you need to perform while ensuring water flows freely through the gutters.

As most discerning homeowners know, not every gutter protection system is created equal. Before you invest your hard-earned money, compare the different gutter protection products on the market today.


Other Gutter Protection Systems

Today’s gutter protection products vary in style, from bristle brushes to hoods. Before you can make the right choice for your home, it’s essential you evaluate each type. Here, we compare the most popular gutter protection products based on type:

Brush Gutter Protectors

Brush guards are the cheapest gutter protection products available as they have a simple design and do not eliminate gutter cleaning entirely. The brushes are designed to take up space in the gutters, so there is less room for dirt and debris. However, the design frequently traps debris and restricts the flow of rainwater, putting your gutter system at risk for leaks and water damage.


DIY Gutter Leaf Guards

Screen gutter guards were revolutionary for the DIY enthusiast, as they were offered at most hardware stores at an affordable price. However, the large holes in the screen left much to be desired.

While the plastic screens allow rainwater to flow freely, they also fail to prevent small debris from entering your gutter system. Pine needles and dirt can quickly wreak havoc. Additionally, these DIY gutter leaf protection systems are not screwed down and can be dislodged by strong winds, leaving your entire gutter system vulnerable to further damage.

Reverse-Curve Gutter Leaf Guards

When you compare gutter protection products, one of the most common systems you will encounter is LeafGuard. While this gutter protection system has been around for several decades, it is sorely lacking in performance.

Leaves and dirt are supposed to follow its curved design and fall to the ground below while water slides through the opening and into the gutters. However, the opening is large enough to trap debris and cause blockage issues. Additionally, it’s important to note that installation requires attaching the gutter guard to the roof’s fascia, and if done incorrectly, it can void your roof warranty. To learn more about this system, check out our 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafGuard comparison.

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Mesh Gutter Guards

As you look for gutter leaf protection systems, you will find that micromesh screens offer the best performance. While there are a few other mesh gutter guard systems, none compare to 2.0 PRO®.

These other systems are installed flat on your existing gutters, allowing debris to build up and block rainwater from flowing freely. Plus, they are made with less durable materials and will often experience warping within a few years. It also helps to keep in mind that these gutter products often need to be slipped under your roofing shingles or attached to the fascia, which can seriously harm your roofing system. You can learn more about this type of gutter guard product by reading our 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafFilter guide.

How 2.0 PRO® Works

As you compare gutter protection products, one system will stand above the rest, and that system is 2.0 PRO® from Gutter Guard Experts. Made with aircraft-grade extruded aluminum and medical-grade stainless steel, these guards can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them — all while keeping your gutters clear of debris!

Our 440-micron mesh screen filters out even the smallest of debris (including pine needles and dirt) while allowing maximum water flow. The angled installation ensures your guard doesn’t act as a “shelf” for leaves, twigs, pine needles, and dirt to accumulate on top of. Wind flowing at 10-15 mph can clear the guards of debris, eliminating the need to climb a ladder and clear the gutters. With an outstanding performance like this, it’s easy to see why people love our 2.0 PRO® system over other gutter protection products.

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Choose the 2.0 PRO® for Ultimate Gutter Protection

The process of looking for a gutter guard system can feel overwhelming, but as soon as you get into the nitty-gritty, you will see that only one will withstand the test of time: the 2.0 PRO® from Gutter Guard Experts. If you’re ready to experience the amazing benefits of this gutter guard system yourself, reach out to our pros for a gutter guard installation today. We’ll ensure you never have to compare gutter protection products again. We can also optimize your rainwater drainage system with seamless gutters.

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