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The 2.0 PRO® Story

From Installer to Innovator

I was first introduced to the world of gutter guards in the fall of 2005. I began installing gutter guards to pay my way through college. Since that time, I’ve had the privilege of working with and installing about every major brand of gutter guard that is out there today.


One of the biggest problems I found with gutter guards is that they were designed by individuals who have never installed gutter guards or have had a chance to see how their designs function years later. As a constant student, I noticed certain design elements that made some systems perform great in some areas yet still struggle in others.


It was never my intention to design my own gutter guard. Still, as I saw products being made of lesser quality and not solving the issues I knew needed to be solved, I began compiling the elements I felt were needed to make the ultimate gutter guard. One thing that I wanted above all else was a product that not only performed better than others but would be made of the highest quality material available and be a permanent solution.


I’ve found that some products, while effective, wouldn’t hold up or last over time, especially in places where extreme hot and cold temperatures, intense UV exposure, or hail are constant threats to many materials. So, after three years, seven prototypes, extensive testing, and working alongside brilliant engineers from Colorado to Germany, we are proud to introduce you to 2.0 PRO®.

2.0 PRO by the Gutter Guard Experts Story

Meet Our Team

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Since our founding in 2012, we’ve been committed to providing reliable gutter guard systems to our friends, family, and neighbors in Colorado and beyond. To make this dream a reality, we knew a quality design was only part of the equation. That’s why we have built a team of friendly and skilled technicians.


When you contact our team for a gutter guard installation, you will be greeted by a highly qualified professional who will ensure your home is outfitted with the perfect gutter protection system. From the initial estimate to the final installation, you can trust you are receiving expert advice from certified professionals.

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About Our Mission

Gutter Guard Experts® was founded in Colorado in 2012 as a husband and wife team and has since grown into one of the most trusted sources for gutter protection in the country.


Our mission has always been to provide customers with the highest quality gutter guards, install them with excellence, and provide exceptional customer service along the way.


If integrity, excellence, and accountability are important to you, you need a company that prioritizes these same qualities. That company is Gutter Guard Experts®. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Meet Harley

Harley is our resident Goldendoodle and has been coming to work since he was just a pup. He has probably been around more gutter guard installations than most people, making him a true expert!


Harley oversees our customer relations department and can most often be found making friends with our customers on-site. When not on-site, he can be found diligently shredding papers at the office.


He is a great judge of character, and everyone who works for Gutter Guard Experts® is “Harley-certified.” His standards are high, but that’s so we can be sure you’re welcoming the best of the best into your home. His warm, friendly, trusting personality is at the core of who we strive to be at the Gutter Guard Experts®.

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Experience the 2.0 PRO® Difference Today

Our patented gutter guard design can eliminate the need for frequent gutter cleaning for good! To see how this system keeps your gutters free of dirt, debris, and insects, contact our team today for a free estimate. In the meantime, you can compare it to other gutter guard systems and see how it stands above the competition. And don’t forget to ask about our seamless gutters to get the most use out of your gutter system.

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