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2.0 PRO vs. LeafGuard Gutter Protection _ Gutter Guard Experts.png


Leaf Guards or "reverse curve" style gutter guards have been around for over 100 years and while they were an innovative solution at the time they are no longer the best gutter guards on the market today.


2.0 PRO Gutter Guards vs. Leaf Guard Gutter Protection Comparison.png

Large opening for debris

Because Leaf Guard has a gap that extends the entire length of the gutter debris is still able to get inside and clog the your gutter system.

Leaf Guards still allow debris to get into your gutters_edited.png
Leafguard Gutter Guards overflow in heavy rain _ Gutter Guard Experts_edited.png

Water overshoots in heavy rain.

Because Leaf Guard relies on liquid adhesion  to draw water into the gutter, during heavy downpours water will simply overshoot the Leaf Guard system.

Doesn't work with existing gutters.

Leaf Guard requires complete gutter replacement even if your current gutter system is new or in good condition, this can cost thousands of dollars in unnecessary expense.

Leaf Guard requires full gutter replacement_edited.png

2.0 PRO: There is no comparison.

2.0 PRO is simply the best gutter guard available today. From our heavy-duty aluminum frame and angled installation to our proven 6 step installation process and Triple Lifetime Warranty, it's easy to see why homeowners choose 2.0 PRO to protect their gutters and their homes.

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