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2.0 PRO® vs. LeafGuard

LeafGuard gutters, or “reverse curve” style gutter guards, have been around for over 100 years. While they were an innovative solution at the time, they are no longer the best gutter guards on the market today. If you are comparing the differences between 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafGuard, it will quickly become clear why homeowners prefer 2.0 PRO®. Our patented and flexible design stands head and shoulders above LeafGuard’s gutters, which are expensive to install and result in a host of issues down the road.


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LeafGuard Problems & the Better Alternative

While reading reviews for LeafGuard gutter protection systems, you will see numerous complaints from homeowners just like you. From not efficiently preventing a blockage of debris to requiring a complete gutter replacement, LeafGuard gutters prove to be more of a problem than they’re worth. When comparing 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafGuard, take these common LeafGuard complaints into consideration.

Large opening for debris

Because LeafGuard has a gap that extends the entire length of the gutter, debris can still get inside and clog your gutter system. Moss and algae will begin to grow in this dark, damp environment, leading to the potential for further damage and health complications for your family. Additionally, the curved cover is an inviting place for birds, bees, and wasps to build their nests.

Instead of dealing with this unsightly and potentially hazardous mess, consider the benefits of 2.0 PRO®. Our gutter guards are designed with a 440-micron mesh screen to keep out even the smallest debris particles. You will not have to worry about pine needles, dirt, leaves, insects, or bird nests clogging up your gutters. Thanks to this micromesh and our signature angled installation, rainwater will be able to flow freely through your system. Say goodbye to LeafGuard’s problems and hello to the innovative design of 2.0 PRO®.

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Water overshoots in heavy rain.

Because LeafGuard relies on liquid adhesion to draw water into the gutter, water will simply overshoot the LeafGuard gutter protection system during heavy downpours. This means water pours down the side of your home, turning your lawn into a swamp and leading to the potential for water damage on your home’s foundation.

2.0 PRO® effectively prevents a buildup of leaves and other debris without compromising the functionality of your gutter system. When reviewing the differences between 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafGuard, you will find that our design blows theirs out of the water. Our Triple-Rib™ design slows water down as it glides over the screen, ensuring the water goes down your gutter system rather than over it. This system can effectively handle any degree of downpour for your peace of mind.

Doesn't work with existing gutters

LeafGuard requires complete gutter replacement even if your current gutter system is new or in good condition. For this reason, one of the most common LeafGuard complaints is that it is too expensive.

You can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses by choosing 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafGuard. Our patented gutter guards are designed to be installed on new or existing gutters. Before installation, we will inspect and tune up your gutters to ensure they perform reliably with your new gutter protection system. In the event that your gutters require replacement, our certified technicians will perform the task for you, effectively keeping your costs low.

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Causes additional issues during the winter

LeafGuard gutter protection systems are known to freeze over during the winter months and cause complications. With these systems, you may deal with ice and snow building up inside the gutters, which causes unnecessary strain and may pull the gutters right off your home. Another problem you could experience is ice dams, which cause water and roofing damage.

While LeafGuard can’t hold up well in extremely cold temperatures, our 2.0 PRO HEAT™ system will keep your gutters fully operational all year long. Using heat, these gutter guards prevent snow and ice from building up in your gutters. The best part of all is that this system can easily be installed during your initial installation or at a later date.

Nothing Compares to the 2.0 PRO®

Between our durable design and comprehensive installation process, it’s clear why people choose 2.0 PRO® vs. LeafGuard. If you’re ready to take advantage of all that our patented gutter guard system has to offer, reach out to our specialists today! We would be more than happy to get you started on the installation process. In the meantime, you can compare 2.0 PRO® to the other gutter protection systems on the market and see why we’re the best all around.

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