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Finally, a gutter guard built to last.

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Prevent Water Damage

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Avoid Injury

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Eliminate Maintenance

Why choose 2.0 PRO ?   

2.0 (tü-point-ˈō) adjective

Used to denote a superior or more advanced version of an original concept, product, service, etc.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame

2.0 PRO's™ frame is up to 10x stronger than traditional gutter guards. We don't use thin metal, cheap vinyl or UPVC that will warp, bend and need to be replaced. 2.0 PRO™ is made of aircraft quality extruded aluminum that has been tempered to a T5 and has a tensile strength of over 20,000 psi. That means when you purchase 2.0 PRO™ you are getting a permanent solution to gutter cleaning for life!

  • Up to 10x stronger 

  • Doesn't Warp, crack or bend

  • A permanent solution

2.0 PRO by the Gutter Guard Experts is stonger than tradional gutter guards
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2.0 PRO by the Gutter Guard Experts keeps out even the smallest debris

Stainless Steel Micromesh

2.0 PRO's™ micromesh is made with surgical grade stainless steel that is guaranteed to never clog, rust or break down with UV exposure. Having extensively tested various mesh sizes and configurations we have concluded a 440 micron to be the ideal mesh ratio for keeping out the smallest debris while allowing for maximum amounts of water flow. So no matter what size or type of debris you're dealing with, 2.0 PRO™ is guaranteed to keep your gutters spotless for life!

  • Keeps Out The Smallest Debris

  • Optimally Sized 440 Micron Mesh

  • Does Not Rust or Corrode

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100% Protection From:

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Maximum Water Flow

2.0 PRO is designed to allow your gutters to do what they where intended to do and that is to direct the water safely away from your homes foundation. What keeps them from doing this is of course debris that accumulates and clogs your gutter system.


2.0 PRO keeps out all the debris while still being able to capture as much water as an open gutter without a guard! So never dread a storm again, rest easy knowing your gutters and downspouts are guaranteed to stay clog-free and free-flowing for life!

  • Nothing But Water Gets Into Your Gutter

  • Handles Any Downpour

  • Maximizes Your Gutters Capability 

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2.0 PRO by the Gutter Guard Experts Angled Installation_edited.png

Angled Installation

Many gutter guard systems are designed to be installed flat in your gutter. Guards that do this act as a "shelf" for debris to accumulate on top of and still require you to get up on a ladder and clean the top of the gutter guard.


2.0 PRO is designed to be installed close to the same angle as your roof combined with the fact surgical stainless steel has a "non stick" property debris naturally falls off with as little as 10-15 MPH of wind.


When you get 2.0 PRO you can step away from the ladder for good!

  • Minimizes Build Up

  • Eliminates Maintenance 

  • Self-Cleans With 10-15mph of wind

Installs On Existing Gutters

Some gutter protection systems like LeafGuard & KGuard require full gutter replacement which can cost thousands of dollars more in unnecessary cost if your gutters are new or in good shape.


2.0 PRO was designed to be installed on new or existing gutters. Every 2.0 PRO estimate comes with a free gutter inspection. If your gutters need to be replaced we can assist you with the replacement since we are a full gutter company. If gutter replacement is not needed we will do a full "tune up" of your existing gutter system before installing 2.0 PRO. This will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in gutter replacement cost.

  • Saves Money In Replacement Cost

  • Works With New or Existing Gutters

  • Includes a FREE gutter "tune up" 

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2.0 PRO by the Gutter Guard Experts Heated Panels


One of the many advantages of gutter guards is that they protect the inside of your gutter system from the damage of snow and ice buildup. The weight of snow and ice in your gutters can cause your gutter system to pull away from your home and in some cases can also lead to ice dams (ice working under the roofing). Since gutter guards keep snow and ice out of the inside of your gutter system, snow and ice will naturally accumulate on the top of any type of gutter guard and form icicles. 2.0 PRO HEAT™ not only eliminates snow and ice buildup in the gutter but keeps snow from freezing on the top of the 2.0 PRO™ keeping your gutters freeze-free 365 days a year! 2.0 PRO Heat provides the flexibility of being installed with your initial installation or retro-fitted into an existing installation at a later time.

  • Eliminates Ice Build Up

  • Can Be Retrofitted Later

  • Freeze-Free Gutters 365

Triple Lifetime Warranty

Great products should come with a great warranty! 2.0 PRO™ comes with a Triple-Lifetime, Transferable Warranty on the 2.0 PRO™ materials, workmanship, as well as a simple, no nonsense 100% Clog-Free Guarantee that gives our customers the confidence that comes from working with an upstanding, highly reputable company. 


With our Triple-Lifetime, Transferable Warranty you will have the peace of mind knowing your gutters will never clog and are protected for life!

Our Triple-Lifetime Warranty includes:

  • Lifetime, Transferable Warranty on materials 

  • Lifetime, Transferable Warranty on workmanship 

  • Lifetime, Transferable No-Clog Gutter Warranty 

2.0 PRO by the Gutter Guard Experts After Photo
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